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Typical Assignments

Strategic Planning

To assist a company to develop a strategic plan:

  • This includes designing a plan for planning tailored to the client’s needs and that fits the culture of the firm. We prepare planning materials, pre-planning assignments and conducting the planning workshops.
  • This is normally done over a period of months… because the planning team consists of the line managers operating the business… and they must run the business as they participate in the planning activity. We provide software and support to assist in preparing strategic planning materials for each planning workshop. We also participate in the workshops and challenge fuzzy thinking.

Provide tools and support for implementing a strategic plan:

  • This normally is done after we have helped the company or business unit develop the strategic plan. It includes insuring that there is a clear understanding of what needs to be done by when by each key manager.
  • Develop specific actions plans for each objective, along with responsibilities and specific milestones. Review the degree of focus on what is important to support the desired results.
  • Establish dates for the periodic “Work the Plan Workshops” to evaluate progress made, but more importantly identifying what needs to be done differently to assure that the plan will be accomplished.
  • We help you to get the plans implemented.

Market Research/Competitive Analysis Assignment:

  • Assist in providing market and competitive information for evaluating the performance of a client’s business unit compared to the competition. Design the appropriate survey instrument, assist in compiling the perspective knowledgeable contacts and conduct the data collection process.
  • These assignments take on many variations depending on the specific performance area to be evaluated. It normally includes quality of products/service, technical support, market share and price levels. Also, it can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the client’s sales team versus the competition. It will identify which sales team of all the competition is the most effective is a specific area.

Assist in providing information concerning a potential acquisition:

  • Assist in providing market and competitive information for making an acquisition. The results are particularly helpful in learning the relative capabilities of the firms in the new area ….and testing the existing perspectives concerning potential acquisitions.

Provide management development and training in strategic planning:

  • This includes tailoring the seminar for the appropriate level and strategic planning content. Preparing the seminar planning workbooks, that would include many of Planning Dynamics’ tools to help a firm develop a strategic plan. Conduct the seminar with lots of interaction and hands on workshops.