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Services Available

1. Design the appropriate strategic planning process for each client

2. Lead and participate in the strategic planning sessions.

  • We provide planning materials, agenda and prepare individual assignments… based on the plan for planning … prior to each planning workshop.

  • We conduct the planning sessions to reach agreement, explore options and build commitment to plan as it is developed.

  • Our years of experience are helpful in clarifying fuzzy thinking.

3. Determine your position in the market for service, technical support, price levels, and overall competitive capability versus your competition.

  • Design and conduct market surveys and competitive analysis

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales force versus the competition

  • Get honest and open feedback on yourself

  • Get relative market share

  • Gain insights into the organization

4. Provide tools and support through out the implementation process.

  • A sound strategic plan is just the first step. The plan must be put into action.

  • That means the plan development process must have built commitment by the people who are responsible for getting the desired results.

  • Next specific actions plans are required for each objective, along with responsibilities and specific milestones.

  • We work with the management teams to establish realistic action plans and facilitate periodic “Work the Plan Workshops”, that are essential to maintain focus.

  • We help you to get the plans implemented.

5.Provide management development and training in strategic planning.

  • We have conducted 100’s of strategic planning seminars tailored to fit the specific needs of each client.

6. Improve the organizational effectiveness by having the right people in the right places.

  • Assist in evaluating key personnel to determine if they are in the right place for their capabilities and potentials and what is needed to implement the plan successfully.

  • Counsel with the appropriate executives of the current organization and identify appropriate organizational changes to match the direction of the strategic plans.

  • Note, we only provide this service for the business units that we have worked with in developing their strategic plans over a period of at least 4 to 6 months. It supports the implementation of the plans.