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Consensus on Direction of the Business

  • Many executives are surprised to learn how little agreement there is among top management about where the business is going or should go. This lack of cohesiveness is responsible for a large number of strategic and tactical errors.
  • The Planning Dynamics approach helps top management forge a clear understanding of the future shape and direction of the business. Although this does not necessarily mean total agreement, it does accomplish the mutual understanding, commitment and compliance necessary for the organization to reach its stated objectives. There will be a strong sense of direction and priorities not evident in the past.

More Cohesive Management Team

  • Strategic planning is not completed successfully in a single week or even a month. Of necessity, it is spread out over a period of time.
  • The Planning Dynamics process, because of its emphasis on teamwork, participative decision-making, and integration of the best sources of information in the company, has the effect of drawing the management team together around common goals.
  • With the a well-defined and a more cohesive team, our clients benefit quickly from the increased team spirit and operating efficiency that result from a clear strategic plan.

Daily Decisions Support the Strategic Direction

  • We help our clients integrate strategic plans into their day-to-day tasks in a way that's completely consistent with their annual operating budget. This is possible because of a balanced emphasis on strategy formulation and implementation.
  • A plan developed with Planning Dynamics' assistance is tightly linked to daily operating activities, not just a document on the shelf.
  • Implementation is the key and we provide support for implementation.

Common Values

  • One benefits of the Planning Dynamics process lies in the progress made toward more clear and accepted common values for the business.
  • This assimilation creates an internal culture that top executives realize is required to propel the business toward its full potential.

Strengthened Financial Performance

  • The bottom line of strategic planning effectiveness must always be the bottom line of the business. Planning Dynamics never loses sight of this, which accounts for the extraordinarily pragmatic nature of our approach.
  • Strategic planning is a high leverage investment that has produced outstanding payback for our clients because it favorably affects returns on all the resources of the organization
  • We help management develop strategy that is more effective and implemented more rapidly than they could do without our help
  • Our clients’ investment in Planning Dynamics' services provides an excellent return for them. We accept this as the fundamental purpose of our work